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My Favorite Tools and Resources

After 12 years in the business, I’ve used just about every massage tool there is. You should see me work some magic with a hot stone!

So what’s my favorite?

From trigger point bars to gua sha scrapers, from cupping to head massagers – what do I recommend?

As my favorite miracle worker says, “The right tool for the right job!” The best tool depends on what you’re using it for. But professionals, students, and even clients can sometimes be mystified as to what exactly the right tool is.

I’ve compiled my list of personal favorite tools, and it's LONG. So, I’ll just bring it down to the top 3. [Note: I am not sponsored or affiliated with any of these products, nor am I being paid to advertise them. These are my honest opinions.]

For professionals, my handy Index Knobber II is always in my holster. It allows for three different grips, each with unique working surfaces and pressure profiles.

Like my culinary guru Alton Brown, I dislike “uni-taskers” – one-purpose, one-function tools. Unlike its cousin, the Knobber, this one allows for three different grips, each with unique working surfaces and pressure profiles. For an all-purpose, convenient tool that I can use on nearly every body part, this is my top choice. Cheap, slips easily into your holster, easy to clean after each use. Acrylic is shatter-resistant, so drops are no problem. Great tool. (I have the darker blue one!)

For students, hands-down: the Complete Anatomy app. I’ll spare the sales pitch and just simply say: you’ll thank me later.

I’m positive your anatomy instructors are doing an amazing job. But if the anatomy textbook just isn’t making sense, and you’re browsing the App Store for an app to help, look no further than Complete Anatomy. It’s the highest-quality anatomy app I’ve ever seen, abso-freaking-lutely PACKED with info and features (WAYYY more than a massage therapist would EVER need), and they offer a student discount. I’ve personally used his app in my classes for over 5 years now, and it can’t be beat.

For clients: okay, don’t be mad. I know the pros and the students got recommended fancy shiny things, what about you?

Well, first off, without knowing anything about your specific conditions, it wouldn’t be very helpful (or prudent) for me to recommend a specific tool – but in all my experience, my genuine, honest advice: stretch.

Do yoga.

Take tai chi.

Do Pilates.

Anything, really - but stretch your body.

Every day. And twice on Sundays.


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